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  1. Well that's weird shouldn't you make an installer that has only english as an option ? It does works when english is used
  2. So I tried to re-install immunet but when the installer tries to download what he needs it says "Failed Download", I had to download an offline installer that I found on softpedia. The issue is not my internet connection:
  3. exa

    Creppy Design

    ritchie58: What he's saying is that Immunet interface looks old and unappealing compared to this decade designs vlad: I asked the same a while ago and got an answer: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/2641-immunet-3-freeplus/?p=11252
  4. That's part of the reason I asked if there was a generic key to enable plus and hopefully remove the banners but if a UI update is coming that would be even better because it looks like an early 2000 soft and that's a shame because many user will think that they downloaded some old version or not updated antivirus while it a pretty good software
  5. Hello, I've downloaded Immunet 3 and it's working properly but as I read the forum I understood that Immunet Plus is not available anymore Does this means that Immunet 3 is bound to disappear ? What is the future of it ? Meanwhile is there a generic key to enable plus ?
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