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  1. Hi Ritchie. Thank you for your response! I found that stopping the Immunet service allowed me to delete the log files, and that the program doesn't seem to suffer from the deletions when I start it back up. I am attempting to send the 7zip file to support@immunet.com, but it is about 36 megs and won't make it out via any email client I have access to. Any thoughts on what I should do now? Is there a site I can upload the support file to? Thanks!
  2. (First off, this may need to be in the Immunet forum, but I believe it is specific to ClamAV on Windows. If it is in the wrong place, let me know and I will gladly repost in the other forum.) Having a disk space issue with the clamav.log-date_time files when I enable ClamAV detection in Immunet Currently I see 180 log files eating up 17.5 gigs of disk space on a 30 gig disk (ouch!) Even as an Administrator, I can not delete the files. I haven't found settings controlling the size and number of the log files, so I am posting in this forum looking for assistance. Thanks in advance for any ideas/guidance!
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