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  1. Love that they are keeping the non-enterprise version alive! Now if they would release the Mac connector as well?? say 'yes', please! best,
  2. ah! i think i am wrong, clamav is there but it was turned off. so should be able to run it. maybe not as good as Security Essentials(??) but that helps!
  3. yes, on Windows 8+ if you have an Enterprise license for Endpoint Security (Security Essentials with a different name) installed you can run it and Immunet. But Windows 8's built in Defender (which is Security Essentials with a different name) will shut itself off when it thinks another antivirus program is installed. So Immunet runs fine on 8 but you can't get both to run and i don't think Immunet has the backend scanner like the 'Pro' used to (or that FireAmp does). I tried modifying the registry to ignore but as soon as it 'refreshes' and sees Immunet running it shuts off the built-in Defender.
  4. I figure this is probably going to fall under the 'that is up to microsoft' but it really sucks that you cannot run Defender and Immunet at the same time. However if someone has a work around for that i would love to hear it!
  5. there is now a FireAmp connector for Mac and it is very good. i do so wish that Cisco would update Immunet more often or at least make it where general consumer could purchase FireAmp connectors for home use. We use in the enterprise and i love it.
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