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  1. I have now attempted all three install types and still have it freezing @ the same point.
  2. I was trying to install the Trial version, UAC is enabled on one Disabled on the other, and I have administrator access on both.
  3. Every time I install this it locks up at the same point, I have attempted it on two separate machines, both my PC and My laptop. Both are Windows 7 x64 I have included some screenshots below showing where it locks up in the install process as well as all process running along side it. Immunest 3.0 Installer Freezes Here http://vvcap.net/db/Zqy9UeEtzCpF7_uzHiX6.htp What is Running associated with Immunet http://vvcap.net/db/Jiu9HAEOFR1Xq__OPYf0.htp Anyone have any ideas as to why, or how to solve this issue so I can install this software?... OH and I left it running OVERNIGHT in hopes that maybe it was just being dumb and slow...
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