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  1. The environment here is restrictive - that is to say that we can't utilize the Cloud due to the restrictive environment of the network (firewall, etc.), and since we want to have more than one system with Immunet+ClamAV on it and not have to download the clam databases regularly on each system, we have a clamd server that we'd like the system to send files to for scanning, and then act based on that for on-access, etc. scans. Initially a program was being written internally to handle this, but we'd rather have a Live Protect like feature as Immunet can provide. I'm not sure it's even possible to achieve this, though, to configure the clamav instance that Immunet can use to send data to clamd first, and then wait for its response. I was asked to ask this, so forgive me if I can only provide limited data.
  2. Hello. We want to use Immunet + ClamAV to scan files actively. However, we have a clamd server, and ideally we want to handle scans, updating the signatures, etc. Is there any way to configure Immunet+ClamAV to actually use the clamd server, or do we have to run clamd locally and keep it updated to make this work?
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