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  1. That would certainly be wonderful. The sad fact though is that it is not yet being developed. I merely presented an idea to the immunet team that perhaps they would consider to develop. But, as of today's results, this seems highly unlikely. However, may I suggest to you epic browser if you haven't heard. It is based on Firefox and provides a lot of different functionalities including a built-in antivirus within the browser powered by ESET's Nod32 (provides downloads scanning and on-demand system scan with no real-time protection), a collection of applications and games including a built-in messenger, a writer (wordpad), the functionality to access files via the browser and more. Also compatible with most firefox add-ons.
  2. I was hoping people would put in as well their reasons for their choice. But it seems that is a wee bit out of question. Anyway, the polls will be closed after twenty or more people have cast their votes within the time span of a month (the poll will still be closed once a month passes regardless of whether or not the votes sum up to twenty people). Please do comment your reasons for wanting or not wanting the development of this browser.
  3. I like it, but I don't favor this toolbar of sorts. It'll be a bit too redundant, don't you think, to add a toolbar/add-on/extension that does the same thing as all the others of the same class? If you are to pursue on this, may I suggest adding a few other options that would make it a valid contender to the rest? It might also cause some of these effects or redundancy: 1. WOT is abused. That much I can say. 2. Others slow down browsing (Finjan and AVG can have this effect) 3. If you'd like a combination, it's been done and people would probably like it better than a single scanner. (LinkExtend Safety Scanner and yes, I know, it's not marketability that counts. However, if you think about it, if hardly anyone uses it, what help had it given to the community?) So...what innovative features are you planning to add? -edit- Having read most of the posts, I realize you are planning to add some new things. For the Safe Search, doensn't LinkExtend implement that? I like the exploit detection idea though. How about hidden objects detection which are often the medium of infection? I've also thought up of one more feature you might consider on adding and that is listing what it has found in the page that makes it a dangerous site. For example, it would block a page and then list down reasons why the user should reconsider visiting the page. It may say: 1. It has been blacklisted by malwaredomain or other related services 2. scanner detects hidden frames (brief explanation) 3. scanner detects drive-by downloads 4. scanner detects possible phishing scams and tracking cookies something like that. It informs people. That, in my opinion, is the best service one can give and is the best security measure there is.
  4. spaider-man

    Cloud Firewall

    I vote for that. A cloud firewall does seem a viable tool. Although I have a few questions in mind. Do enlighten me as I am merely beginning to explore the world of internet security and cloud computing. 1. If a firewall was meant to analyze packets and the like from connecting to the pc, how does it manage its own? 2. Would it not be a probable source of exploit? 3. How will it block inbound and outbound traffic (assuming it is bidirectional) if in case the connection is slow? 4. Would it not slow down networking significantly if the firewall is also making another connection (applying QoS) and/or because the requests are redirected before being analyzed? How will the firewall be able to respond immediately?
  5. I have also experienced the same problem with the free version. Closing the immunet window lags the system for a few seconds and closes the tray icon. Installation of Immunet was successful with no interruptions (SpyShelter disabled, Immunet whitelisted after). I uninstalled Immunet after noticing computer slow downs and constant lags on third day. Tray icon closing problem persisted. The specs are as follows: XP SP 3 AMD Sempron III 224 MB RAM installed, 1024 MB paging file Other security software includes: SpyShelter (added Immunet to whitelist) Windows Firewall USB Guardian To reproduce the problem: 1. Launch three applications and keep on desktop. 2. Connect to the internet 3. Launch Immunet Protect via tray icon 4. System lags, wait for a few moments. 5. When system fairly responsive, minimize/close Immunet Protect window (or the applications first, the order doesn't matter). 6. CPU Usage will spike. Windows closes. Tray icon shuts down. Workaround: 1. During system lag, launch Anti-Freeze. 2. Resume Immunet Protect and close properly. 3. Resume all processes afterwards. Perhaps the GUI uses too much RAM and/or CPU?
  6. Basically, it is a chromium-based browser (for those of you who are new to the world of browsers, chromium is an open-source browser currently being developed by Google [Google Chrome]. It offers a wide variety of features such as html 5 support, extensions, sandbox technology, webkit engine, faster page rendering, customizable gui, and more) that features antivirus detection and removal. Here is what I'm hoping it'll do (in no particular order): 1. Automatic scanning of downloads 2. Download management (pause/resume downloads) 3. Better security and privacy (no unique ID, no RLZ tracking, built-in adblocker, clean reset [clear cache and history], virtual keyboard, antivirus scanner, Incognito mode) 4. Option to scan system 5. Community-based 6. Offers chat with friends (a messenger with people connected to you on the browser and immunet protect - if applicable - itself primarily for easily troubleshooting systems or warning them of potential threats and the like) 7. Faster page rendering and downloads 8. Extension compatibility 9. Compatibility option for other browsers (browse pages posing as another browser for compatibility) 10. File access directly from the browser, sandboxing applications. Basically, it is integrating Immunet Protect Free with Chromium browser and adding a few extra features (added features are: [1] antivirus scanner, [2] compatibility option [3] built-in messenger, [4] file-access (to extend the use of the sandbox) and [5] download management. That's it. You can use other open-source browsers of course, but I prefer Chrome if we're to boost security. I'm not sure if this can be done with Chrome. However, I've seen Bitdefender add an extension to Chrome to scan systems. It's taking it to another level. I've also seen Chromium-based browsers with download management. Facebook uses the browser for chatting with friends, QtWeb offers compatibility options for other brosers (also open-source) and Epic browser allows file access via the browser itself. Nothing new, really. Just combining everything into a single package. It should be lighter than Epic, Firefox and Google Chrome, but a bit heavier than QtWeb (and only QtWeb). What do you guys think? (Do you) Like it or not?
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