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    * Programming in Java, C#, C.
    * Trying out new malware in the VM to watch it crawl or crash it , it's fun to watch it . Then sending it to ClamAV if there isn't any signature for it.
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  1. Hello sir. I mentioned the info as it shouldn't confuse the reader about the HOSTS point as I have mentioned it runs slower on the computer that I use. I'd be very interested about reading about any such review, atleast it will increase my knowledge about HOSTS and pound with some more ways to experiment with it.
  2. Hello sweidre. Thanks for the instant reply, the link to wilderssecurity was a good read.The reason I noticed slow down in browsing speed is because I have been using old versions of browsers like Opera 7.x, Firefox 2.x, IE the one Vista shipped with and a custom one I build with IE as base I mostly use it instead of IE and at times even Firefox. I haven't changed much of the softwares that I use, as I don't like too many features but like customizations. Also if I sit, it shall take a more than a day for me as I work on a slow connection that too capped and downloading the softwares kind of not much to my liking always except few. And browsing with the browser inside sandboxie helps keep the computer safe from un-intended interferences, while I can say I have encountered less than 5 viruses(that's what I have logged in the record of having the main machine infected) since about 2-3 years(since I upgraded the computer), though I have suffered BSoD and other crashes many many times as I keep pondering windows to try and give me more flexibility like Slackware does. In short am a little too lazy to work on that. Ha ha.... These days I am more in love with Slackware than Windows so I haven't used it hard way since sometime.
  3. Hello ritchie58 & sweidre. Thanks for the information on HOSTS file, I had heard about it some where I don't remember(bad memory), I tries it and it works good but browsing speed takes a little hit after it with Opera, little more with IE and normal with Firefox. Thanks for info again.
  4. Looks like ClamAV engine is doing good too, as Bitdefender has missed some samples while Immunet has caught them. Cheers to the signature dev team. Keep on the good work.
  5. Mod's right. When you register your product, you will find 2 people in you community who are the not hackers by any means. I have noticed it for quite sometime eagerly and found them to be legit. BTW, hackers are overly eager good or neutral enthusiasts while the rough ones are termed crackers not hackers.
  6. Setting the Blocking Mode to Off has helped to some extent. The OS currently seems to work some faster than before. If your wondering about start-up items except the AV and other one being "sqlserver.exe" (which takes some amount of time.), I have other auto start-up items disabled. However, Blocking mode turned off gives me good response times, so am satisfied as OS responds faster than before. Thanks for the answer.
  7. Immunet free version is used. ClamAV engine is OFF.
  8. Hello all. This is the first issue I have noticed since a while (i.e. after I have upgraded to v3.0) my computer has slowed down to noticeable extent. I use the desktop that I own for application development in Visual C# .NET(Visual Studion 2008), Java (Eclipse IDE) and C (sometimes through GCC) currently and sometimes use Postgres or SQL Server. The load times of these applications have slowed down to some extent also it gets a little too unresponsive at times for long a time. The configuration of the desktop is :- Intel Dual Core E5400, 2 X 1 + 1 X 1 GB(DDR2-800), 320 GD HDD(7200-RPM), G31 Mainboard(Intel original). May someone throw some light on this issue?
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