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  1. Dear Millard; I take the trial version of windows 7 manager (Yamicsoft), and, repair center, and check rebuilt the WMI...another misc utilities are interesting.. And my Windows run very well... thank you again for your help Regards; Vigen. Edit: its possible with this command. NET STOP winmgmt DEL %systemroot%\System32\wbem\Repository\*.* NET START winmgmt restart your computer.
  2. Millard, In first many thanks for your help, but i have found a solution. I have use a tool for rebuilt the WMI, and immunet run well..... thank you very much for time pass. You and Orlando.
  3. Hello Millard, Thanks for your help. I have reset IE but same issue, i have not other security program than antivir, and i had tested with antivir uninstalled...same issue... i have uninstalled/installed Java last release no progress.. Immunet work only on IE? Its not possible to use with Firefox cache ? I have clean the registry, the preftecher, the temporary files etc etc..
  4. i have send rapport files at the support, i wait for an answer... Thanks at Orlando for this help.
  5. I have uninstalling Opéra, clear the registry, the preftech and the cache...but same issue Incompatibility with directx11?
  6. Hello Orlando, Thanks for your help. yes i use Opéra, the last version ,and Firefox 3.6.9 Starting programs: Antivir premium 9 (but no conflict) Smax4 4pnp application (for my soundcard) And java (last version)
  7. Hello Bogdan, Thanks for your help, But, same issue.... Bogdan, you use Firefox for Immunet?? (http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/99-gui-bug/) You have a tip?
  8. The computer run on Windows Seven 32 bits. graphics cards, Radeon HD 5000 series, with the latest catalyst drivers, DirectX 11 . CPU Intel Quad 9550, Memory 4 Gb, Motherboard: Asus Maximus 2 Formula (chipset Intel P45). Windows are up to date, the two services run on my task manager, but the graphical interface make this picture i have reseting IE8, but the issue is not resolving. no Adblocker run. The first installation of immunet was uninstall with revo uninstaller for registry clean...temporary files is cleaning to. With another installation same issue. Thanks for your help.
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