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  1. So you think it's a virus! Really? The reason I installed Immunet was to protect myself from virus'. When I wasn't convinced Immunet was doing anything to protect me from virus' I decided to uninstalled it. My system was working fine immediately before and during the uninstall process but refused to boot after the Immunet uninstall restart. The cause and affect is pretty obvious to me. Somewhere in the uninstall process Immunet touches the registry in an unintended way. I'm not accusing you of any nefarious deed here, I'm just trying to point out that somewhere in your uninstall process you have a problem, a very big problem. The fact that you haven't received these kinds of bugs does not mean they don't exist. No bug is expected, that's why it's a bug. I'm offering this information for you to act on so you can investigate what is wrong with your uninstall process NOT to fix my problem. I'll fix my own problem without your help.Taking the position that you haven't seen this problem before, therefore, it can not possibly be Immunet's fault is a very arrogant position to take. For the record, as I said earlier the symptom of the reboot is: Whenever I reboot, whether from a soft or hard reset I get the same error "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically". It doesn't matter if you try a regular boot, "safe mode" or "safe mode with internet", and it won't reboot from a previously saved start point.
  2. When disaster strikes one of the worst things is dealing with people that do not listen. In every message I created so far I said I "COULD NOT BOOT"! I can shut down any number of ways you like from a nice graceful shut down to pulling the plug "I STILL CANNOT BOOT! The Immunet unininstall trashed my registry!
  3. I'm sorry, I didn't realize your reply was directed at me, I thought you were addressing the original poster. If you read my original message you will note I can not reboot... Hitting F8 and entering "safe mode with internet" requires the ability to reboot, which I can not do even in safe mode.
  4. You can sit here all day pointing fingers and while at the end of the day I still haven't a clue on how to resolve my issue what I do know is that something bad happened between the shut down after the uninstall of Immunet and the subsequent reboot. I don't really expect any answers here, I just wanted go on record and to put it out there that all is not as rosey as folks at Immunet would like you to believe. BTY, this was a dual boot machine and since it is the only computer I currently own the experience has had the unexpected result of finally weaning me from Windows. The disk data, other than the registry of course, is fine and I no longer need to make a decision when I boot whether to use Windows or Linux. To the original poster, good luck.
  5. I came across this thread while trying to solve my uninstall problem and just had to respond. I installed Immunet to see if it could find anything on my system that may be slowing it down. It reported what it said were some problems, quarantined them but there was no change in my system performance. I've used other virus and malware software that found problems that were really non-problems so I decided to uninstall the software and move on, oh how sadly I was mistaken... I uninstalled the software and now I can't boot my computer!!!! Initially there was a message about a corrupted hive. When I rebooted I got a Windows repair screen and then a message that said "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically". Trying to reset to a previously known state also fails. Right now I have a completely non functioning computer and I can not get any work done until I somehow figure out how to get this computer to boot. To say I'm unhappy doesn't even begin to describe my state of mind.
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