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  1. i also am interested in how it happened to fail from being restored from quarantine. I am afraid if some important system file gets false positived and auto quarantined being unable to be restored resulting in a corrupt system. I tried to change the default action of auto quarantining files but the other setting also auto quarantines just with a dialog box after to see if you want to restore it.
  2. haha i have the same thing in exclusions list, the same number and the same look exactly as you
  3. got avira to update again, attaching a copy of the file aegen.zip
  4. It keeps on saying You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file when trying to attach the file to a post or through the false positive submission form. I sent an email of the quarantined file to support@immunet.com though.
  5. yep they are both up. I sent the quarantined file to virustotal, it recieved a 3/43 http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=9af6f6d541a2c48ad7e23a699dcd56a03b21052acdf6b3f18a5a93e7769818aa-1284453911 I also went through the avira support forums and see several people are reporting the file being flagged by some other antivirus companies as well.
  6. As i have stated previously I have tried to restore it, but it fails. In history it states that "Restore Quarantined File Failed" an error message dialog box also opens up with the following message "File Could Not Be Restored. Check to see if Agent is online. Please contact support@immunet.com." I am online and connected. All check marks on bottom of immunet are green and checked. I have tried to reboot and try again but same message.
  7. hmm seems i cant attach the file here either, is there another possible way i can submit the quarantined file??
  8. just got an auto quarantine message from immunet protect free while avira antivir personal 10 was attempting to update to latest definition v7.10.11.157, 9/13/2010. file aegen.dll was detected as W32.Jeefo, file was located at D:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\ I tried to submit the file through the false positive form but was unable to zip the file because restoring it from quarantine failed and the form does not take the file in quarantine just by itself. I tried manually updating avira again but it would not re-download the file so i am unable to attain the original file. I am attaching the quarantined file here hoping you can receive and determine whether it is a false positive or not. I am currently using Immunet version
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