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  1. Thanks, Ritchie! I'll send an email in to support with that zip any any other accompanying data I can get.
  2. Hey there! We run the free version of Immunet 3 at my company, and at the end of yesterday and all of today, we've been getting a huge amount of quarantines reported on user machines. I think they're likely false positives, as I'm seeing mostly Windows Update files as the quarantined objects. Is there a known issue about this, or is this something new? I'm not closed to the idea that our WSUS server may be putting out infected update files (as I've seen is possible by browsing some of the posts here), but I want to eliminate this as a variable first. I've attached a screenshot of the most common quarantines we've gotten. If I need to provide any more information, just let me know. Cheers!
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