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  1. hello everyone im using windows10. when I logged in this morning then I went to check the status of the last scan and saw the button greyed out when I click it I see the error mesg "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." so I created a dump file with the task manager and I sent it along with more diagnostic info using feedbackHub:https://aka.ms/AAgqyll I have attached a screenshot please let me know if their is a better way I can report this bug? I also posted before but whenever I try to open the post I get Error code: EX0 i am using Immunet on windows 10 with McAfee Security Center: 16.0 release name: 16.0 R43 Affld: 876 Build: 19.13.171 Language: en-ca Last update: 2022-03-09 Version: 19.13 McAfee VirusScan Build 25.6.168 Engine Version 4776.0 Version 25.6 McAfee Personal Firewall Build 21.3.194 Version 21.3 McAfee WebAdvisor Affld: 876 Build: Language: en-ca Version: 4.1 McAfee QuickClean Shredder Build: 20.3.148 Version: 20.3 McAfee Vulnerability Scanner Build: 10.3.102 Version 10.3 McAfee App Boost (But I dont use App Boost) Build 18.23.161 version 18.23
  2. hello everyone im running windows 10. This morning I logged in and when I went to se the results of a scheduled scan I was an error mesg saying "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart and retry." so i created a dump file using task manager and attached it to this post. I have created feedback on feedback hub that has more diagnostic information & crash dumps: https://aka.ms/AAgqyll if you guys know something I can do to fix this or perhaps send a bug report pls let me know thanks iptray.DMP
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