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  1. Hello My customers do have a problem with the ClamAV or ClamXAV (interface) software. It seems that this scanner is blocking the download to PDF files my customers by from my plattform. Whenever they open the download link (a simple http URL with the PDF files stored there) they get a message "DOWNLOAD NOT AVAILABLE" "An error encountered while downloading this file" I am neither a virus scanner programmer nor do I have access to that scanner. Is this a known issue with ClamAV (that it blocks downloadable content)? Is there any whitelist? Or are there any rules that can be set in ClamAV, Is anyone having problems opening this Download? An klicking on the PDF file (this download is only available for a few more hours, then the token/transactionID is invalid) http://dokumente-online.com/download_mac.php?rn=37935&transactionID=9TL095437E3787610
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