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  1. As ritchie said, avoid having too many unnecessary things that need to boot at startup is probably your best bet.
  2. beluu

    Panda Free Av

    Hi adrin, From what i've heard from the team, they're going to be keeping the toolbar considered as a malicious file for now. Reason being that it looks to be Adware/PUA (potentially unwanted application). If you would like to continue using the toolbar, you can always add it to the exclusions so that it is ignored by Immunet. As per ritchie's suggestion, adding the entire Panda program folder to the exclusion list may not be a bad idea.
  3. beluu

    Panda Free Av

    Hi adrin, I downloaded and installed Panda Free AV along with the toolbar. Looks like it is indeed quarantining the toolbar. I have notified the threat analysis team to investigate. Cheers!
  4. Hi adrin, From what I understand, Immunet is only considered as Anti-Malware/Virus in the Windows Security Center. Although we do make detections for some kinds of spyware, it is not considered as anti-spyware which is why you're seeing that alert.
  5. Hi adrin, I'm not entirely sure myself but the Immunet site was just recently updated so i'd like to think that the website is the more accurate set of numbers. Cheers!
  6. Hi Hydraxan14, Thanks for pointing this out to us! There was recently an update to Immunet website earlier this week which might've caused this. The team responsible for managing the website have been informed. Regards, Becker
  7. Hello murphydk47, We are aware of the issue of Immunet Plus still being advertised on the Free version of the software and we do have plans to address this. Unfortunately, there are other competing priorities that are taking precedence at the moment. We're looking to release new details as we get closer to the end of life date of Immunet Plus in June 2016. Regards, Becker
  8. Hi adrin, We have the Scan Now option within a submenu just in case we ever decide to add any additional functionality to the right-click options. Theoretically, we could just have a single button in the mean time but it's not a high priority change. Cheers!
  9. Hi adrin, Thanks for showing interest in Immunet. The Immunet Plus service has been discontinued and will be reaching its end of life in June 2016. However, we will continue to provide the free version. As of now, i'm told that there are plans to release an update to Immunet Free later in the year.
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