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  1. Should've told him to change his resolution. lol, ok, I'm done now.. promise.
  2. I actually uninstalled this POS and never saw the replies above until JerichoJones replied. I also giggled at the "changing resolution" solution but I would expect the global forum mod to check with a developer before making ludicrous statements about the manifest file. injecting scripts... lol wow. Never would I use this product.
  3. The screen resolution on my monitor is 3840x2180 or something really high. Occasionally I'll run across a program that doesn't recognize or respect my DPI and it will render everything so tiny I can't read anything. In Immunet's case, all of the menu items overlap. I can't seem to give myself permission to put a new file in the immunet directory so I can force windows to render the menus correctly for this high def screen. There is a "xxxxx.exe.manifest" file I can put in the directory of programs that I can't see on my screen... I've tried changing permissions and owner of the immunet directory but cannot apparently do it. This is my own machine and my account is an admin account. I've uploaded a pic of what I'm dealing with http://imgur.com/CnEO7R8
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