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  1. i disabled UAC but its better that immunet solve this WIN undetectable problem.
  2. no one cant answer to me? why cant windows 10 detect immunet as antivirus or anti spyware ?
  3. immunet doesn't connect to Internet 5 minute after start up i cant strat scan but i connected to net. this problem resolved after 5 minute, and then i can scan. is it issue ??
  4. when i see in some start up manager app the immunet start up service long time is very high and about 25 sec. i should set delay at start for immunet service. because immunet is secondery protection , u cant add option for manage start up in own immunet?
  5. is immunet hasnt antispy protection that win alert show this alert? in app write that only immunet plus has antispy feature.
  6. in immunet app write 180milion theart and 12milion user and in immunet website can see 33 milion theart and 2.2 mlion user which number is current?
  7. my suspicious/malicious file upload to immunet server and detect.ok my question is this: how can your server detect one file is safe or virus? i dont know how cloud anitvius work. does your server has engine? if immunet can detect online it cant has an ofline engine?
  8. a simple question immunt cant add ETHOS SPERO data engine to immunet ofline or we cant download your data like comodo( that has 200 MB virus data pack.)?
  9. does immunet use bitdefnder or clam engine for sacn in cloud? or user else engine. what is this engien that can detect 180 milion theart?
  10. if i want scan any file with right click i should expand immunet icon but in that section only one thing for select.. why dont change right click scan to one process instead of 2 process ?
  11. sry.i did not know may you want detail.and i missed file . i report your team if happen again .
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