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  1. It basically tied my hands,it was like my puter was almost useless.I had no choice but to remove immunet & my browser & reinstall the browser. I'm not able to submit a support dump since i no longer have immunet installed.I'm dubious about reinstalling it since it might not be fixed & if it is fixed this might happen again.
  2. I restored the files & add exclusives but to no avail.
  3. Don't know anything about a false detect,all i know is i can't even open it,it's like it's not there.
  4. For what ever reason detected my browser as a threat & quarantined it & i'm not able to open it. I use comodo ice dragon,how do i get my browers back to normal.
  5. Thanks Ritchie,makes sense,but,i would also think that AV vendors would welcome the advertising they would receive from such tests.Especially if they fair well which would be a selling point for them.People who read the test results see that vendor X and vendor Y look good so maybe they will purchase the product.
  6. Why is it Immuent isn't included in AV lab tests,at least in this AV lab,i see Norton is absent also. http://www.av-comparatives.org/dynamic-tests/
  7. Thanks for responding Ritchie, I followed this,though i don't ever recall seeing this before. ???...lol I don't know if the issue is corrected because i'm not sure what it is supposed to be under "file exclusions".I included a capture,is this normal. Is there a help manual which expalins the meaning of what is in "general settings".
  8. In setings>protection exclusions>file exclusions.There is an X next to them. I clicked on some X'S thinking they they would expand but they were deleted.Is this a issue & if so is there a solution.
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