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  1. I read somewhere that when offline, Immunet uses ClamAV engine. But when connected to internet, which engine Immunet uses? I downloaded the latest version of Immunet available on the site yesterday. When I perform full system scan when I am connected to internet, which engine it is using? How I can know which engines it is using simultaneously?
  2. I read Immunet Plus used BitDefender engine in addition to two cloud engines. Why Immunet Plus was discontinued? Now only free version is available.
  3. Even when I turn-off Verbose Notification, ESET is now giving alert for one ClamAV file. Image attached.
  4. I read about Immunet Cloud AV tool on Kreb's blog. Immunet says it can very well work with another AV side-by-side. When I enabled verbose notification in Settings, I could see pop-up flashing every now and than that a trusted file has been downloaded to a folder. Sometimes, ESET SmartSecurity is alerting that a file is a potentially dangerous application. I want to know why Immunet is downloading these files. Are these signatures? But Immunet documentation says it is a Cloud scanning tool.
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