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  1. Thanks for your reply Ritchie, Not saying Immunet is purposely issuing "malicious installers" as you say, far from it. This of course is not to be taken for granted though, we both know that there are indeed "security" companies who have bundled unwanted components into their antivirus software (or worse). I like Immunet as a lightweight second layer of protection and I enjoy doing my part in allowing it to collect my data in order to benefit others in the community (and I don't mind contributing to Immunet's profits by doing so). I of course presumed these must be "false positives" which is I way I posted here rather than shredding the files, posting to outside blogs on a rampage to boycott Immunet but I don't get why the Immunet 5 installer(s) are setup differently than the most recent Immunet 3 installer before it. Just seems to me that non-expert power users such as myself would have more peace of mind not having to worry about any positives rather than having to decide whether or not to risk it. Why was the Immunet 5 installer created in such a way that it flags potential positives from scans rather than just keeping with the same as the Immunet 3 installer which is safe according to every scan? What's different about Immunet 5 which is causing this? I'm back to using Immunet 3 . . . The reminder pop-up I keep getting again to show Immunet 5 is available is fine, that's what made me upgrade to begin with, but why can't it just upgrade via an update rather than forcing the user to download a false positive installer? I'm obviously not a professional programmer but it seems strange to risk positives of any kind . . . Just seems logical to make the upgrade in a way so that there are no positives! Thanks again Ritchie! -Mike
  2. Hello, Perhaps I should have posted here instead? Please refer to my Immunet Security Advisory post in this forum. In a nutshell, the ImmunetSetup-5.0.0.exe installation file is flagged as a virus.win32.sality.at as well as the current downloadable upgrade file ImmunetSetup.exe . . . My research shows this is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS file infector! Please advise . . . I have not uninstalled Immunet yet in hopes that this is a false positive, but I may do so anyway just in case. My old Immunet 3 installation file does not get flagged by any scanners so I may resort back to that. Thank you in advance for replying to my concerns! Sincerely, Mike P.S. Ok so this post is allowing files to be attached (the post I made in the Security Advisory forum did not). Below are screenshots (however it would not allow me to attach the two infected Immunet 5 setup files in question, reading "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"). Here is the most recent:
  3. Hello, I am new to the forums (I normally don't post to sites). I felt compelled to go through the registration process here in order to post because I am very concerned. I was going to post this in a malware forum or something similar until I found this one potentially related. Please let me know if this belongs somewhere else (I am tempted to post this again in one of the other forums but I will give some time for a reply here before doing so). I had multiple scans via Virus Total (was just checking all files in my downloads folder for safety before transferring them to a new computer) and it flagged the installation file ImmunetSetup-5.0.0.exe as a virus (file infector)! I then downloaded a new one with the same results for ImmunetSetup.exe! Unfortunately, I downloaded this program and installed it sometime ago on my laptop WITHOUT scanning it via online sites first (yes I know my fault - I only used AVG, Malwarebytes, and Spybot). Invincea AV listed a virus.win32.sality.at found in the Immunet 5 installation file! The file is digitally signed by Sourcefire Inc. and was downloaded from Immunet's official site. I read that files could be attached to these posts but I am still not seeing that option here otherwise I would have attached both Immunet 5 installation files. I also do not see an option to upload the screenshot I took (only allows from a URL) but here is the link: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9a36e4cc9fc8810ecc8815a478370ef451f9c6603300e4b2067e79cfaaabd4ac/analysis/1473473393/. Is this a false positive? If so, what measures will be taken to correct this? My research shows that the virus.win32.sality.at is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Thank you in advance for addressing this issue. Best Regards, Mike P.S. I reposted this to the Issues/Defects forum here. It allowed me to attach the screenshots but not the actual Immunet 5 setup files. P.P.S. Ok so NOW it's showing me the "Full Editor" so I have attached the 2 screenshots (but I still cannot attach the Immunet 5 setup files). P.P.P.S. Here is the most recent one . . .
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