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  1. Thanks Ritchie. The Immunet 5.0.2 install did not seem to automatically shut off Defender, which is what I would have preferred. I tried your suggestion for disabling Defender, but the "Startup type" functions were grayed out, and I'm not able to change it (I am logged in as administrator). I don't have the time these days to hunt down a solution to the Defender problem (so many solutions out there don't work...for example, a proposed registry edit that was supposed to turn off Defender, just turned off the user's ability to turn it off, so it was stuck in the on position!), but I'll keep an eye on the boards here to see if anyone who has Windows 10 has the same problem and a solution. Thanks again for taking the time to answer.
  2. I recently upgraded to Immunet 5 from Immunet 3, and I'm noticing higher CPU usage with Sourcefire Connector program (regularly 10-30%, which is too much for me). I'm running Windows 10, English, 64-bit, version 1607, OS Build 14393.321 Not sure if the following is related, but the high CPU usage happened simultaneously with a Windows update that revived Windows Defender, which is now taking up even more CPU capacity than Immunet, when Defender automatically turns its "continuous" mode back on (which I always promptly turn off). I also use IDrive online backup and a local Seagate hardrive with scheduled daily backup. Maybe I have the wrong settings activated for Immunet? Please help!
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