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  1. I noticed the same behavior... This is a major issue.
  2. Adrenaline

    Cloud Firewall

    I feel like I need to bump this. It would be killer to have a firewall.
  3. I get what you are saying and I'm glad that Immunet has that covered. I use Immunet alongside Avira Browser safety (for the web filter) and MBAM as a second opinion scanner. I don't want to install 14634748 security programs, I would like to have only 1 if possible. You know it's 2016, any security solution should incorporate zero day capabilities. Thank you, Alex
  4. Hello, Does the Immunet include some kind of behavior blocker? Is it included in Ethos engine? If not, it would be a nice addition. Thanks, Alex
  5. Hello, The new Immunet (v5) works very well. The only problem is that we have to manually delete all files from the quarantine which sucks, you should implement an Delete All button to make it easier. Also, you should implement an option to automatically empty the quarantine after a number of days specified by the user. I'm glad to see that Immunet is alive and well. Thank you, Alex
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