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  1. Hi Ritchie, Thanks for your patience. I've read the guide that you sent me. I can not understand how to configure the proxy n the freshclam.conf of Immunet 5. Whenever restart service, all configurations are restored to the original. There's really nothing you can do?
  2. Ritchie Hello, I apologize for the question barely comprehensible. I meant to ask if it can, with Immunet 5 and ClamAV module, to configure Freshclam with a local update server where upload all custom signatures? When I try to to configure frashclam.conf to configure the proxy, or any other changes, the configuration is completely lost. How can I do? There is a special workaround to make these configurations? Thank you, Alessandro
  3. Hi, someone know if Immunet 5 can be used with Custom Signature like Immunet 3? Thx
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