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  1. Ritchie, I don't have any extensions I didn't choose. I have downloaded MB but I can't find either of your "....text...." suggestions to do things. They are not there. What am I missing? Randy
  2. " . . .The Immunet Service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." I do not KNOW how to restart the service. Everything was working great, then I was getting Alpha Shoppers instead of Google. I searched for how to remove it and I checked Immunet and it wouldn't open. So I followed one of the suggestions and installed the free Spy Hunter SH didn't find the Alpha Shoppers but when I went to Immunet it still wasn't working I'm not inclined to keep SH. They want money before they will fix the problems they "found" and i'm not sure they actually exit. How can I find the files on my computer they say they have? Note that I do NOT have the Immunet 6 but I do have Windows 10 64 bit and something updated recently but I"m not sure what version that was. I didn't select anything, it just happened. Help!
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