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  1. Hi Ritchie! I tried to send the Email as requested, but it did not go through. This is why I chose the forum as a last resort. I do not assume a Hardware defect as the Computer is running normally besides this issue. Furthermore a second Computer running virtually is having the same Problem on Windows 8.1. As you can see in the attached screenshot of Task Manager, (this happened while typing this message) there is some interaction with 'ClipSVC' Service, which is part of the 'wsappx' Group. This is why I assumed some Windows process as root cause. BTW, I already excluded 'C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe' from scanning, so I assume this is Network activity related. Regards, Christoph
  2. Dear Support Team! Once or twice a week my PC seems to freeze due to Immunet. CPU is at 100%, no network communication, mouse and keyboard not responsive. Task Bar also frozen so that even clock does not update. No response to Ctrl-Alt-Del. There is a slight chance that I can kill Immunet Task via Task Manager, but only if Task Manager is in foreground (because I cannot switch to it) and only if it recognizes the click on 'End Task'. In most cases, I have to pull the power plug. I assume this has something to do with Windows Update or another Windows internal Task, as this also happens over night when the Workstation is just locked and no other action takes place. Environment: Windows 10 1607 64-bit, all Updates applied Windows Defender disabled via Registry setting No other Malware protection software running Support Log (50MB) can be found here: http://stadlmann.wp.stadlmann.at/download/Immunet_Support_Tool_2017_01_04_14_17_40.7z Please advise on how to solve the issue. Best Regards, Christoph
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