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  1. Hi Ritchie, Sorry for the slow response. Safe mode plus delete at reboot worked! The files were successfully deleted and I was then able to go and delete the folder as well. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. Hi Ritchie, Thanks again for your advice but FileASSASSIN was unable to remove the files either. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Hi Ritchie, Thank you for your response. I checked for the sfc.exe in TaskManager and there is no sign of it running. I also tried the net stop immunetprotect command with no success. (This service name is invalid) It is the dcm and dut 'dll's that are still running somewhere. Please could you recommend further steps.
  4. I have run into a problem. After the clamAv bug filling my Hard Drive I decided to uninstall Immunet after having happily used it for many years. I followed all the instructions and Immunet looked like it was unisnstalled, but it still has folders on the computer in C:\Program Files\Immunet that are running .dll application extensions and I cannot remove them. Please advise me on how I can achieve this. Anybody got advice?
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