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  1. The Immunet "Scan Now" button is greyed out, and clicking on it results in the following popup message: "You Can Not Scan at This Time The Immunet service is not running. Please restart the service and retry." However... "Settings->Connector Settings->Service Status" says STARTED, and the Immunet service is actually running (I checked in the Computer Management console) The following things made no difference (individually or in combination): Restarting the service (successfully) Rebooting the computer Uninstalling and re-installing (worked for a day or so and then stopped again) Other observations: I get no Tray Icon notification message saying Immunet has connected to the cloud when OS boots. Changing "Settings->Tray Icon Notifications->Verbose Tray Notifications" to ON makes no difference. I get no notifications of any type. Despite clicking on the "Enable Debug Logging" button, "Settings->Connector Settings->Debug Logging Status" always says STOPPED Clicking on the "Update Now" button shows Immunet searching for updates before reporting that the system is up to date. Configuration: Windows 10 Pro Windows Defender is active Immunet Immunet service 5.0.2
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