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  1. Ok but again there is no cure until immunet comes out with one? DO they know about it? Did you check in your secret room? What did they say?
  2. `So we are 100% positive it is a Bug and nothing to do with my new computer?
  3. Hello I been waiting to find out about a fix? ritchie58 Can you help?
  4. Ty I will await your findings. I was able to get immunet 3 to work after a reboot, So I tried 5 again and no luck. I tried in safe mode also. Does immunet 3 with a definitions update have the same virus coverage as 5 ? I had to unistall it. Long story, Never had any issues before. sigh. Hope you can find a fix.
  5. Got immunet 3 to work but not 5 and 5 used to work fine
  6. I unistalled Immunet 5 and then tried to reinstall. I get an app crash I tried older version next immunet 3 and it says error excisting installer I did a windows 7 unilstall and this is what happened What can I do to reinstall immunet Thank You PS I also tried in safe mode
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