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  1. And just when me and IP were ready to settle into a beautiful relationship, we're incompatible! [What Vipre would say] I sure hope they can solve the issue. Perhaps the folks at Sunbelt would be willing to work with Immunet Protect to solve incompatibility issues. That's a tall order, but I've heard of miracles...
  2. Well, I like Immunet Protect (I tried the free version), and it worked well along side Vipre 4 Premium-- until I rebooted--then it happened: Total stalling. Made my system crawl on it's knees after rebooting. In addition to this, Vipre system tray icon wouldn't appear. It's a wonderful software solution, as it (IP)found 3 trojans that Vipre did not. In Vipre I left "Check files when they are opened or (something else)" box unchecked. I am running XP Home and when I read here that some have used Vipre 4 Premium along side IP without incident, I thought it was fine for me as well. Any thoughts as to why my problem with IP/Vipre not playing nice with each other? Thanks
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