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  1. Hi ritchie58! "Did you open an attachment or click on a link to a suspicious email?" -> No, just the Mail app updated - syncronize - the newest e-mails from the e-mail server and when an e-mail arrived to me I didn't need to do anything and Immunet blocked the attachment inside the e-mail. So I couldn't click to that attachment anymore. I know and using Avira, which has the same as you mentioned with AVG, but it can't block every attachment - it can block attachments from about 10% of spam e-mails. So because it I had bring here my new idea about Immunet - mainly because as I wrote my great experiences with it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I just asked because I experienced this with Windows 10 built in Mail application - when e-mail arrived with virus Immunet blocked it succesfully.
  3. Dear Support Team! I wish to know if there is a solution to use both Immunet with Thunderbird - for example as an extension. I need this for scan attachments when e-mails arriving. Best Regards, Gabor
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