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  1. Thats the problem, Bitdefender generates a different temp folder after every restart.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so sorry in advance. I installed Immunet after installing Bitdefender antivirus free version. Immunet detects that Bitdefender is installed and lists it on the lower left side which leads me to believe that the two should be compatible. Now the problem is that whenever Bitdefender's active protection shield scans something new it seems to create a bunch of temporary files in C:\Windows\Temp\tmp0000####\ (#### is always a different string of numbers after each restart), and Immunet always quarantines them even when the files Bitdefender is scanning are clean. Some of them are successfully quarantined by Immunet with seemingly no negative consequences other than cluttering up my quarantine, and others say "quarantine failed" and upon inspecting the Immunet history I see that it says they are "Installed By" C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Antivirus Free\vsserv.exe which is how I know they belong to Bitdefender. I would just make an exception, but like I said the temp folder it uses changes after every restart.
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