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  1. I downloaded Immunet as part of the google pack. However I recently acquired a copy of Norton Internet Security 2011. My computer is having speed issues and I am trying to clean up the computer; therefore I no longer wish to run Immunet. (on another note the Immunet system flagged some Norton tmp files) However the uninstall from control panel did not seem to work. I then downloaded the Immunet Removal Tool from this thread on the forum and ran the file. This itself was tedious as Immunet began to flag it's own uninstall/removal tool as a Trojan! I thought that would fix the problem but Immunet continues to load on startup! (I think the problem is that the removal tool is only cleared to removal up to version Immunet Protect (the last) yet the version on my computer seems to be .46. Will there be another removal tool released? I am dissatisfied with the product in general and I only wish to uninstall it as soon as possible. Kevin
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