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    Fake Av

    thanks etms51, I'll remember this address! I did look, however wasn't listed on website
  2. Kyle

    Fake Av

    http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=eb4fe3176faa046dd6e470a5e97595179e1f69249c9154ad62c037e6097248af-1302613329 Attached Reported by Orlando, Please don't post in public malware, but send them to submit@samples.immunet.com Thanks, Orlando
  3. There are lots of proxies, some free. I don't recall them mentioning why their's is better than others and worth the money.
  4. Sounds like a rip off in my opinion, You could just use sandboxie
  5. Please see attached, a bug in the alert window. I get these alerts while visiting hxxp://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=45
  6. Yeh, After terminating IPP everything went really smoothly. thx
  7. Nah, I just terminated immunets processes. Immunet needs to do something about this quickly as Sp1 just came out yesterday and for any casual users this would be a nightmare.
  8. I've been downloading and installing Windows 7 Sp1 for about the last 1 and a half hours, Immunet is flashing away while it scans legitimate microsoft files... This is farrrrrr to long, I'm using adsl2+ this should of been done in 5 mins.
  9. Whats the point of flash scan? Doesn't immunet check all running applications anyway?
  10. What I mean is how can he put it to the ground when it misses "one" malware. A rogue at that which is very common to AV's to miss sicne the program itself is not malicious. If u can show me a antivirus that detects everything then I'll use it! impossible IMO I think it's a good score out of the small sample list he used to only miss one. Rogue
  11. All his videos are like that. Since when does missing a rogue mean it has bad 0 day? It just means it missed one sample. Which alot of AV's do every day. 2 hour scan time? that certainly doesn't seem right perhaps he's using dial-up internet on the test? lol. Or most likely a bug or some conflict. Tbh, I think he'd manage to be able to compare a cup of coffee to comodo. "it's missing this this and this" Well, Immunet is an AV. if u want the others then add on - u don't buy a car expecting it to fly
  12. Kyle

    Cancel Update

    If an update is in progress, give the option to cancel the update.
  13. Hey thanks for reply, to clear it up - I was disconnected from the internet intentionally (the plug was pulled) You do however raise another interesting point, You may have an internet connection but are still unable to connect properly! As for a solution, I'm not very rich on idea apart from either an offline solution of documentation or... You could check check for a valid connection, which obviously you do...but maybe not 100% effectively. It MAY BE that Immunet Protect is only having issues with itself connecting to the Immunet servers (which could be verified by pinging another server(s)) not apart of Immunet. Even that might fail if your trying from agent.exe, However I know in my programing experience your able to use commands as if you were using cmd. Example in python would be; >>> import os >>> os.system("ping www.google.com") Maybe there could be something similar worked out? Doing something as such may be able to let the user know if a firewall is blocking the connection as-well by using system internals as AFAIK commercial firewalls by default do not block outgoing connections from the OS..
  14. Any word from Immunet? Heres a little Q\A I heard when doing management... scenario: Boss tells you to pack all of these boxes by the end of the day... your on a strict time schedule, A customer comes by and needs a hand shown where an item is amongst other things. What do you do? (1) help the person, do it regardless of your bosses schedule. (2) say sorry to the person, your busy - go and see front desk. The answer is 1. You wouldn't have boxes to stack without the customer. P.S, The comment was not alone sparked by this thread. I've seen other cases so I felt that it needed to be mentioned.
  15. I'm using Immunet plus. Why's this so hard to get across?? If your disconnected from the internet, immunet offers a FIX link to a support page website. Which obviously you can't access because there is no internet connection.
  16. I mean when there is no internet connection.
  17. Hello, If disconnected from the internet - Immunet reports it's disconnected. It then has a click-able object "FIX". If you click it - it directs you to a support web page, which obviously doesn't work since your not connected to the internet. I suggest that the help documentation be provided offline in a help file.
  18. No thx... i installed an AV not an instant messenger.
  19. Hello, you mention a byte-code interpretor, for what language is that?
  20. Thanks Alfred. I was under the assumption that local sigs were an opt\in\out kind of thing in the plus version, however they are automatically downloaded when you install\update. (No biggy, but still- i'd prefer the options) I'd like to suggest if possible, to add a option for this to opt in\out. thanks again.
  21. Maybe it's coincidence, however the sig folder on immunet (from my memory) is 500mb+, this seems very close to the page file you were mentioning. Something I don't understand tho is that I thought the cloud was meant to be lighter, then i checked the sig folder :S
  22. Perhaps it's only free users? I haven't noticed anything..
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