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  1. Hello. I have an issue with Sourcefire Connector as well, so instead of creating a new post I reply to this one if that is ok. This has happened around 5 times now ever since I installed Immunet in january I believe. I notice my computer slowing to a crawl, having to manually turn my computer off with the power button. Since it happened last time, I always make sure that my Task Manager is up, so when it happens I can see exactly what is causing it. And today it happened, and I saw it was the Sourcefire Connector that causes it. I saw it was using 88-90% of my CPU power, making my computer slow as a snail. Thing is, I think it only happens when I just have opened the League of Legends client. Not sure about this, but the last three times it has happened, I had just opened LoL. Please find me a fix for this, because it's not fun. Thanks.
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