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  1. Hello, I think my PC is attacked by ransomware. Most of my files including text,pdf, music and video files aren’t usable anymore. And I got a message that they are encrypted. I scanned my system with immunet and malwarebytes and some files got deleted. Still the files are not back. I read in a few cyber security blogs about ransomware and realized that paying the bad guys may be the only way to get my files back. I can’t afford the amount they have asked and even if I paid the amount, how can I be sure that they will decrypt the file and the ransomware is completely removed? I have an old backup on another hard drive, which means about 60% of the files could be recovered. But does that mean remaining 40% of data are gone forever? Or is there any service, free or premium that can help me in recovering this data? Looking forward for positive reply. Thanks in advance
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