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  1. This function has been requested for a long time and is still missing from the program. Seems like a simple request and would be much more convenient when doing installs. Please implement this useful feature!
  2. Yes, I know I can always terminate it abnormally, but I wondered why Immunet doesn't provide a simple program exit or suspend option in the UI?
  3. I find Immunet sometimes interferes with software installation and would like to either temporarily pause it or exit the program. I see no exit or pause option. What is the best way to handle this situation?
  4. I downloaded GIMP for Windows 2.6.11 without incident from CNET When I installed it, Immunet issued the following attached quarantine alerts: I also performed a stand-alone scan of the GIMP install file gimp-2.6.11-i686-setup.exe using Immunet and two other virus scanners and the results were clean. Immunet quarantine.pdf
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