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  1. They can make an option toggle to immunet if users dont wont to register it in windows center. The malwarebytes for example give the option to not register in windows so the defender stays on!
  2. In windows 10 i found that the 2 laptops the windows defender is disabled when i install immunet. It is possible to have both active?
  3. I think after 8 years it is good to go to with HTTPS in forum site. I know that cisko is worldwide leader in networking, i understand that this is a secondary project for them but i know that Cisco products deliver network security, so i think a user it is better to see a HTTPS site under this branding. This is my personal opinion and i tell this with respect in cisko hardware products that have more quality from other brands.
  4. Happy New Year! I thought that monitor program install in simple words is the file creation shield and the monitor program start is the file execution shield. If u have a second antivirus that also checks for file creation it is not better to have only a second anti malware that scans only in execution? For now the 2 pc are for older people so i enabled monitor program start also but i created 3 folders exclusions to minimize CPU usage.(old pcs and users don't install anything, only automatic windows updates) 1)i exclude the windows defender antivirus folder. 2)i exclude all the software distribution folder to install windows updates without checking them. 3)i exclude the WindowsApps folder where windows store install the windows apps. Now the performance impact is zero when u install windows updates and windows store updates and i think the security compromise with the three exclusions is very little.
  5. I have a question. If i disable in options the monitor program install and leave the monitor program start to on i will have only protection on execution?
  6. Hallo i was an old member and today i gave an opportunity again to immunet after verion 3 in 2012! Maybe richie58 remembered me back then. I have 4 pc in my house and i installed immunet in 2 of them (windows 10 with windows defender latest) I found that the program has no false positives and it is more optimized. If i found a bug i will post it here. I give the new team best wishes!
  7. I play with immunet in a test machine. When u unistall it , it leaves 2 files in caroot folder like the foto. It is safe to delete them manually? System windows 7 32 bit all updates
  8. Can u whitelist them? A lot of people may use alcohol120 %. Thnks boombastik
  9. The strange is that the unistall from alcohol120% isnot quarantined always from immunet. It quarantines it sometimes without the block message and without name of detection.
  10. I am back to this project , as the new version completely resolves my Cpu usage.(random times 80%). Also i made a full scan (750 gb) and it finished the scan in only 50 minutes, with only 2 false positives. (i have above 10 games , movies, programs ,office). Keep it up. The only 2 false positives are: 1) https://www.virustotal.com/file/6e82c17e9a8ebc8762e806f9d714684de31da07dcc303dad61e4ab3b19f56537/analysis/1347377045/ Is the unistall.exe for alcohol120% program last version. 2) https://www.virustotal.com/file/6d6e5df51f537050fb39567c77ec7238bb7313306403fb81127c394397d2c961/analysis/1347377159/ IS a .dll file from philips cam suite. I uploaded the 2 files here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/4y3es1f5jc6z/n/false_positives_rar
  11. The reason for an av company, that give something free to users is to help the company to fix bugs in pro version (the version that cost money). For example me. When i use it for free, when i find a bug, i post it here on the forum , so i help also the pro version. And with statics companies that dont give something free in future they failed. A simple example is that they lost all the malware samples from free users,bug reports, false positives. If u search, many malware samples for avast are uploaded from free users. Also, all the forums have spammers, but it is not right only the paid persons to have the opportunity to make an ask or to say something here in forum. Sorry for my english. And again this is my personal opinion.
  12. 1)What the reason of community when you have the same protection when u are connecting in basic server. 2)What is the reason for someone to pay something that others give it for free.
  13. I have the same problem as yours thread stop 0 protection factor 0 top thread -. Top thread for greece is .tt
  14. http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1164-immunet-302-very-high-cpu-ram-usege/ Maybe related to this
  15. I can confirm this . With version If i leave my pc idle about 2 hours i have this result. 50% cpu agent exe without to do anything. Windows 7 sp1 all updates 32 bits with avast. Immunet free With all options to default.(clamav off) http://www.mediafire.com/?m1fphc26sn994si ---->screenshot I dont have this problem in xp machine it apears only on windows 7 machine.
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