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  1. IMP is triggering (nearly 3,000 times now) on Trojan.Generic.4697781 and other "Trojan" detections, but mostly this one. The files that it thinks are trojans are primarily .tmp files in \Windows\Temp. For example, C:\Windows\Temp\NAVE725.TMP . IMP does this on all three of the machines in my house, triggering on the same Trojan.Generic.###etc on all machines (although the number after "Trojan.Generic" has changed sometime over the past couple of days). Avast Internet Security 5.0, Panda Cloud AV, MalwareBytes, and ThreatFire all find nothing. IMP's version is the latest as of this post's date. It's the trial for the full version with all "Pro" options enabled. The forum will not allow me to attach a file to this post, I'm assuming due to the size of the file (It's about 5.5 MBs). You can find the file at the following location: http://www.filedropper.com/navb8b7 It's compressed using 7-Zip.
  2. The big red "Disconnected!" icon is present and the program refuses to scan. However, it can successfully check for new versions of the software as well as display community information (connections to me, but I do not see anything saying "X number of people are connected to the cloud"). The only network related activity that is not working in the program is scan-related activities. Avast 5.0's firewall entries for Immunet are set to "allow all". Additionally, I have manually added every *.exe file from Immunet's directories and I have set them to "allow all". The only exception, of course, is anything that may have been in the Quarantine directories. I didn't bother to open that folder for obvious reasons... In addition to this I also set Avast's firewall to "ask" whenever a network connection attempt is made. After changing the firewall's settings I closed Immunet, waited a moment, and then re-opened it. It should now be able to access the Internet correctly, but the big red "Disconnected" notice will not go away and the program will not scan. Lastly, I checked Windows Firewall for any entries related to Immunet, even though Windows Firewall should not be an issue. It seems to me that Immunet is having some network issues or such.
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