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  1. I solved it. The settings were screwed up. Prior to using it I used a spyware program and it returned many problems that could only have been gotten recently, within the last week. I noticed whatever it was also changed my home page in IE and I don't even use it, and also affected the default search engine. I'm thinking they caused the messed-up settings in Immunet too.
  2. The 'scan now' button is a different color than the rest and if I click on it I get the message "..can not connect to the internet..." I tried uninstalling the earlier version 3.0 and installing the beta. No difference. Uninstalled the other spyware program that was running with it--no change, even after re-booting. I checked the Firewall window and it reported Immunet was connected... I have Firefox 4, XP. My last scan was a month ago.
  3. I click on "fix it" or "scan now" and the message pops up that it can't connect to the internet. What's the problem and when it's like this now how do I know if it's ever protecting me?
  4. Thank you thank you thank you...... I really missed that program.
  5. I've tried downloading "Desktop Calendar" software from Tinnes and each time Immunet detects a supposed threat "W32.Generic.Ethos." Tinnes contacted me and told me he downloaded Immunet and had no problem. Immunet contacted me and said it should be ok now but it still did it afterwards. I've tried about ten times downloading the program from different sites. http://tinnes.org.uk/desktopcalendar/index.php
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