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  1. All the servers that I've identified so far are Windows Server 2012 R2 VM's; All have been rebooted many times since the schedule was set, which was when I installed the first version of Immunet (6.0.0 I believe). They have been upgraded several times to keep them up-to-date. T he date and time are correct (set through the domain). I noticed the issue because of high memory usage on these 4 specific servers during normal business hours. Last time it happened I increased the amount of RAM on all 4 servers (and rebooted). The issue seemed to go away, but obviously came back.
  2. I'm experiencing some strange behavior on several of my windows servers. I have an installation with a single full scan schedule every day at 3AM. I noticed this on one of my servers this morning when it was after 9AM, and the scan was still running. BUT it had only been running for 43 minutes. I let the scan finish and then noticed that it started scanning again almost immediately after it had finished. I clicked the stop scan button, and waited... within a minute another scan started. I stopped that, and again another started within about a minute. I could probably play this game all day, but alas I was getting bored. SO, I removed the schedule. That seems to have stopped it. I've rescheduled the 3AM scan, so we'll see if this happens again. I've only noticed this on a few of my servers, but I'm going to go check the rest of them to see if any others are showing this same issue. Let me know if you want any debugging information. I uploaded a shot of my scan history on another box that was exhibiting the same issue.
  3. My configuration BTW is an i7 2.7Ghz, 32GB of RAM and all SSD running a fully patched Windows 10 OS. The fact that it makes my system completely inoperable other than seeing my mouse move and repainting windows and toolbars (a half screen at a time) every 5 minutes or so completely blew me away. This isn't a normal occurrence, but it seems to be happening pretty regularly. Also, it happens with no notice. I can be typing away just fine and then all of a sudden everything stops, the mouse starts spinning, and then it's game over. It's not like what I'm doing is causing additional stress on the system - I'm usually just in a putty session. I agree it's probably related to some other piece of software I have - I am running some stuff that I could envision might interfere (Windows Defender [MS Security Essentials], Secunia PSI), but no other anti-virus or anti-malware. I will try to contact support again. Thanks for being responsive.
  4. Hi All, This high cpu usage issue is a big problem for me. I've confirmed that it's the sfc engine that is effectively locking up my system; I've even submitted a screen shot with that task manager page to the support@ email address (also attached). This has caused me to force reboot my system 3 times so far today. Please stop denying that the problem exists. It does exist and it's apparently rampant since this topic is "HOT" I've offered my assistance to help debug/resolve it (again with support@) but received no response.
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