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  1. ClamAV are open source so any modification you may like to add is entirely up to you. So short answer yes, but it is currently not a part of the suite.
  2. It was removed because it served no real purpose. It was more misleading than useful Best regards Pedersen
  3. Hello psommer. Try to use Hitman Pro kickstarter to get rid of that infection. Immunet is mostly build to prevent such infections to happen so I recommend you to use it always. Best regards Pedersen
  4. ClamAV is an old piece of code that got too clustered/outdated to be used for business. Our current Immunet build is unique and top of the notch within its field. Making it open-source would be just like if symantec made their open-source.
  5. Hello ROCKNROLLKID. Immunet is unfortunately not open-source. ClamAV which is designed by us is. The sourceforge page is not controlled or registered by any Immunet members and therefor not valid. The page is made by a: Antonio Milani, which I have never heard of before but if you check his account, you will notice that he have added several different applications. Thanks for making us aware ! I am sorry to say but I hope you will stay anyway best regards Pedersen
  6. Hello D2004L, have you seen and tried this? http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/2327-my-immunet-agent-is-offline-what-do-i-do/
  7. Hello Silva. I can see by the name of the path that it lies in a folder named Trusteer. If you have Trusteer Rapport installed on your computer then this is a false positive and i recommend you to submit it as so
  8. Hello Zurchiboy. Ondemand tests are mostly misleading as they are not projecting real world enviroments. But then again, it is impossible to probably test antivirus software in real world enviroments therefor ondemand/realtime tests might be the most reliably tests around. Just be critic, most vendors pay for "fine" results at AV testing companies.
  9. Update: Users permission to write on other members or on their own wall have been disabled. It is still possible to read messages posted on your profile. Admins, moderators and Immunet insiders are still able to post messages on the walls. If you experience any issues regarding this, plz PM me. Best regards Pedersen
  10. Hello Zurchiboy. There are a couple of different ranks based on the number of posts the user have made but there isnt any different between those ranks. They are all based on the same member group. Best regard Pedersen
  11. Thx Ritchie and happy holiday to all Immunet supporters!
  12. Hey, I have heard about Hijack Hunter and it is legit, just a copycat of Hijackthis from Trend Micro....
  13. Hello Chris. I dont quite understand what you want help with. Can you specify a bit more? Best regards Pedersen
  14. We have had a few problems with users that have made an account but didnt receive any email to validate their account. If this happens to you, please check your spam folder first and then email me at: pedersen@immunet.com Remember to include the email used to make your forum user so I can look you up. Thanks in advance! Best regards Pedersen
  15. Hello all. The easiest way to submit files to us is email. You can mail samples to: submit@samples.immunet.com This will feed your samples to an automated system and if we can build protections for it they will available over the cloud within a day of your submission and in some cases as soon as 2 hours. If you prefer a webform then you can use the form on our site: http://www.immunet.com/contact/index.html You can also use our forum for submission but to guaranty the fastest malware handling we encourage users to use one of the two first options. Best regards Pedersen
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