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  1. I did exactly as you said and they are both working like a charm. Thanks guys JJ
  2. Thanks I really appreciate the replys. I really like CIS and also like Immunet Protect. JJ
  3. Hi Guys I was wanting to know if Immunet 3.0 is compatible with Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.3. I already ditched Zone Alarm because it would not play well with Immunet. Is anyone using CIS and Immunet 3.0 together? JJ
  4. My Security Setup : Windows XP SP3 Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.3 Immunet Protect Free WOT Malwarebytes Free Superantispyware Free Hitman Pro 3.5 Shadow Defender Firefox 4 Beta 9 jerry
  5. Thanks for the information ritchie58. The same thing happened to me I uninstalled mine. I will reinstall and see what happens.
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all in the Immunet Community. Be Safe.
  7. I totally agree with you duncan, I use Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.0 and it has the go to the forums right in the interface. Just point and click and you are there. Just ask for help or whatever.
  8. This may be a stupid question, is there a way to tell who is using Immunet and email address so you can ask them to join your community in your area? Iam from the US. I only have a few people in my network. Alfred and a few more members of the Immunet team.
  9. Has anyone else had this detected by Immunet. A0015321.exe. Reported as w32.spero.Banker-1020.
  10. Great job Immunet. When I started out with Immunet I think there were 6,000 members. Way to go
  11. I have used Ruturnil and Shadow Defender with no problems.
  12. I have never had a problem with uninstalling Immunet. I have used Immunet from almost day 1. I tested Immunet Beta and uninstalled every time a new build came out. The only problem I had was when I was using ZoneAlarm firewall. I am using Immunet Plus now thanks to Al resetting my key after my motherboard fried. I am using Comodo Internet Securtiy 5.0 with no problems what so ever. This is a great product.
  13. I am using the 1.5 public beta and I love it. It is much faster now.
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