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  1. I did update to version It sorted the problem. Cheers. I made the mistake of just clicking the 'Update Now' button; thinking that a newer version would have been displayed. So, as the 'Update Now' radio-button being clicked daily (I've never once been informed of an update) doesn't inform one of newer versions; what does one actually do? My other software, I must admit, erm, lets me know that there is an update available.
  2. Forumites After the BIG RED X cometh the BIG ORANGE ! ' I am now (un)reliably informed that I'm NOT SECURE. BIG ORANGEY-BROWN EXCLAMATION MARK followed by a 'Fix it!' link that advises me to SCAN: I've performed a FLASH SCAN and, when the '!' remained, a FULL SCAN (2-hrs 7-mins) was performed - NO DICE! I'm still (un)reliably informed that I am NOT SECURE. Any advice gratefully received.
  3. I'm unable to do any scans due to a BIG RED X telling me that I am 'Disconnected' from the internet. I wouldn't be typing this if that was indeed the case. I am connected to the internet. My firewall setting have for Immunet is 'Allow all'. There's a radio button beneath the BIG RED X entitle 'fix it!'; 'fix it!' does nothing of the sort. In a nut: my firewall is correctly configured and I am connected to the internet; however, Immunet insists that I am not connected to the internet. I'd be grateful for any constructive advice.
  4. I ran a full AVG scan, the full version, mind, and nothing was reported as being amiss. I immediately ran an Immunet full scan. The Immunet scan picked up these loathsome beasties: W32.Downloader(s) AO273168.exe AO238487.exe AO214145.exe hpospd08.exe I have since conducted numerous tasks set by the AVG chaps re, diagnostic scans, etc, etc. I was cheerfully informed, after hours of different scans, farting about, that my PC was 'Infection Free'. Erm, yes, I already know this: Immunet have quarantined the four (4) intruders that you [AVG] failed to detect. My question to AVG: How can my fully-paid-up AVG, a giant of the anti-virus race, be beaten hand down by Immunet Protect, a Jason of the free-ware tribe? This is the answer, after rephrasing my question numerous times, that I received: "Possibly the infected objects were not detected by AVG because they are not in our virus definitions at the moment. There are a lot of new virus samples every day and even if we try to do our best, there could be an undetected infection." I asked how I was expected to have any confidence in the multi-faceted AVG Web of Protection in the future? How could Goliath be slain oh so easily? I was seriously consider jumping ship completely and getting the Immunet full version. I prowl around and find more than one post complaining, quite understandably,that the full version wasn't as reliable (slowed down the PC) as the free version. In a nut: has anyone got any idea why Immunet's Virus Definitions Database is more up to date and effective than the AVG whole-kit-kaboodle-and-the-kitchen-sink version. Keep it Clean!
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