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  1. To any users having similar problems: Immunet support never responded to with even an attempt at a solution to this issue, despite me directly emailing one of their support reps multiple times. I took it upon my self to continue to troubleshoot to no avail. I then removed version 5 and upgraded all my servers to 6.0.2 as soon as it was released, only to have even more problems. The only problem I had with v5 was that the scheduling would not work. Version 6.0.2 however crashes/freezes constantly on my Windows 2012 R2 servers. Restarting the Immunet service doesn't fix the problem, you actually have to restart the whole server, or in some cases completely reinstall. The hours/days of my wasted time trying to get make this free solution work could have easily paid for a solid commercial solution by now. Lesson learned. Moving on. To Immunet: 1) If you are serious about building a customer base, you need to do a much better job responding to your customers' support requests. 2) You need to do extensively more quality control testing on your major releases. The fact that 6.0.2 crashed repeatedly (even after several uninstall/reinstall attempts) on 4 different newly installed 2012 R2 servers is ridiculous. If you want to be taken seriously, stop releasing software that is not fully tested.
  2. Hello, I am running the free version,, on 4 different servers, all running Windows 2012 R2. The program installed fine, and manual scans run fine. I have never received any error messages. I can also successfully create a scheduled scan with no errors. However the scheduled scan that I create never runs. It also does not appear in Windows Task Scheduler (I read somewhere in another post that Immunet utilizes Task Scheduler for scheduled scans.) I have tried creating and recreating scheduled tasks a half dozen times on all four servers, but none of them ever run...and none of them show up in Task Scheduler. I would have assumed this was just a random glitch, and that simply re-installing might fix it...except for the fact that it's happening on 100% of the servers I am running Immunet on (4 out of 4). Doesn't seem like a random glitch. Any ideas? Thanks.
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