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  1. After installing immunet 2.0 plus windows defender is turned on. I always turn it off as I dont see anything gained from having it on. But WSC(windows security center) can`t recognize the fact that immunet 2.0 plus is both a AV&antispyware program. It keeps telling me to turn on windows defender or get a antispyware program from the internet. I have turned the alert of for now. But shouldn`t it be possible for immunet to integrate into WSC and tell it that it operates as both an AV and ASW(antispyware)? So the novice user don`t get afraid and wonder if there is something wrong.
  2. A little late reply here but it has sorted itself out.I am signed in all the time now. Dont know why it happened.
  3. I have the same. I just click support and the forums open up. I use immunet plus
  4. I am using Immunet Plus latest and nothing else. Win7 FW. Win7 64bit Home Premium. Cheers
  5. Hi guys&girls Sorry for not replying to your PM`s. I have had dataproblems. I have changed my emailadress. I have gone through all my conversations and added all you whom I had from before. Sorry for the inconvenience. If any new members want to add me just PM me. Looking forward to extend my network :) -Daniel-
  6. I got Download: 11.08 Mbit/sec Upload: 9.67 Mbit/sec Happy with that. I have a fiberline 10/10 mbit.
  7. ok. Just wondering. If I only could remember where I had read that. Anyway good to get that clearified
  8. In Norway where I live the best place to test you internet line is here http://www.dinside.no/phpf/speedometeret/ You can test both up/down speed or just down speed. Cheers
  9. Hi again, My network has grown a bit. But I`ll still want more PM me and I`ll add you or just add me and I will accept
  10. Hi, I read some place that immunet has paired up with avira and that the Tetra engine is the same engine as avira free. Is this true? If so, that is good! avira has a good AV engine. Cheers
  11. I dont know either.But it happens. I have purchased a copy for my wifes computer as well and the same is happening to here. When we turn of the computer for the night, and then the following morning turn it on, immunet connects to the cloud, then we click on the MY COMMUNITY TAB and we have to log in with the account credentials. Strange thing!
  12. I think that once you have logged into my community you should be logged in as long as Immunet is installed on the computer. I see no reason why you should log out. I am beeing logged out everytime I restart my machine, so a feature that keep me logged in always would be nice
  13. That is good to know Orlando! Thank you for your answer Cheers :lol:
  14. I wonder why I have to type my username&password to sett up a scheduled scan. Seems a bit strange. If it is for scanning with priviliges why dont all the other AV vendors ask for this? Kaspersky, Symantec, Panda,Bitdefender, Norman etc etc dont ask for your username&password when setting up a scheduled scan. So is it possible to schedule a scan without giving away my personal data? I dont like that. Are there any possibility that these data can be taken and sendt to Immunet?
  15. Ok. Then maybe it something for the IDEA part of the forum. Thank you for your supply.
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