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  1. same problem here using hp I 7,windows pro looks like auto update will not work same like last time i deleted immunet and reinstalled
  2. no safe mode seems to be higher CPU usage
  3. same problem on windows 10 pro i deleted old 6.0.8 new download and install got it going without desktop icon may be give it shot this way
  4. nothing worked deleted the old 6.0.8 installed through new download got it going but i got no desktop icon even i choose it as a option while installing
  5. i try tomorrow,sleep time thanks for ur reply
  6. maybe i uninstall 6.0.8 and try new install
  7. i use new version available, Packard upgrades doesnt extract
  8. 6.2.0 failed to install on windows10 pro auto update started but failed. just heads up,thanks
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