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    payload loaded through using public charging stations in  airports ,malls 

    phones and tablets  and maybe few laptops that allow USB charging

    once connected payload steals information via USB connection

    (usually USB ports have cables already provided) 



    CAREFUL USING public USB stations


    use your own charger connected to power plugs

    thieves dont stop




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    my 2 cents,,,,


    all hack




    iran,korea,vietnam,russia,india pakistan, euopeans others too many to name




    also through free  software like word ,office antivirus

    sophos ,antivirus sends data to  British intelligence

    using Microsoft  

    amount of data microsoft collects is like Everest proportional 


    just big problem all around

    even governments hack,NSA

    canadian cyber(government espionage bureau)


    DARK WEB ,big problem


    sell ids for $1,50 each


    used to hang there but its overwhelming for novice like me


    Our government is one of the most intrusive in governments in the world, monitoring all online activities and cell phone use, making use of any smart device purchased to further their need to surveil all American civilians. It would be a mistake to believe that one of the close to twenty two agencies that gather data on all American civilian


  3. RanSim is a tool that simulates the behavior of ransomware. The purpose of RanSim is to check if a workstation is well-protected with endpoint security software which would be able to detect and prevent real ransomware attacks. It also allows you to see if this software is incorrectly blocking files by running "false positive" scenarios. You can optionally select specific files you'd like to test to see how they would be affected by the ransomware simulations.


    ............................................maybe similar to cisco/talos  amp,network protection

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  4. before anything else

    immunet needs to fix Windows 10 High CPU


    upgrades failing from ui


    i couldn't upgrade this windows 10 pro ,delete and download again,it is what it is i guess


    gave up on firefox 


    i use open dns  also block most  nasties



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