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  1. I have to consider it non-functional at this time. How can I roll it back?
  2. Thanks for posting. I also noticed that when I try to do a scan and select "Flash Scan", it brings up two duplicate windows, one on top of the other. The one on top says "Your scan has failed to complete. There has been an error" or something like that. Then both windows say "Your scan has completed. There were no threats detected." the "bottom" window is the same as the top one, except that the "Files Scanned" field is empty. After going through this several times, it seems to scan normally, but still with two windows! The real difficulty now is that, given its behavior, it's difficult to completely trust the program.
  3. After automatically installing Immunet 6 (Free) over the previous version, I can not save changes to settings. I make the changes, click "Apply" and "Close", but the old settings persist. Can anyone explain.
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