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  1. This is an exe executable file, trusted by the source. Blocks it Immunet, no other antivirus. the network folder is mounted as a drive, the whole problem is that the view path \Device\MUP\DESKTOP\set\Soft it is not possible to add to the exception. this is a program to configure the system, it is possible that it is really blocked as "exploit / system process protection" but I would like to be able to unlock it .
  2. I know how to recover a file from quarantine. The problem is that the file is not moved to quarantine, it is blocked and I cannot start it until the PC is restarted. The system writes that there are no rights, but after reboot everything works, at the switched-off anti-virus Also, it is not possible to whitelist the network folder
  3. Antivirus blocked the file, how to remove the lock from it?
  4. There is a problem in version I can't change antivirus settings. After making changes to settings press to Accept, but when you reopen, all settings are reset to default. Windows 8.1 x32 Sorry if not properly written, use the electronic translator. __________________________________ Downloaded the new installer, it worked, we had to read the forum.
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