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  1. Sorry It has been repaired by reinstall with deleting all data
  2. Hi Colleagues, after migration to the latest version I came across an issue with Computer block. It doesn't see any scan results saying it has never been scanned and the state is Not Secure. It doesn't see any history info as well. However, Product block says that everything is up to date. Do You have any idea what's going on with my immunet ?
  3. HI, I've just switched off "Monitor Program Start" as "Blocking Mode" had been switched off by default. It didn't resolve the issues. Uninstall is the only solution....
  4. I have a problem to start a number of applications after upgrade to 6.0.2 on Windows 10 (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC). I uninstall 6.0.2 and applications start without any hesitation. I didn't have any issues with the previous version, namely 6.0
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