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  1. Done! It's nice to see this project getting the care it needs. I'm eager to see what it's coming from this!
  2. It seems that immunet is maintained by Cisco Talos Intelligence, they have social media, or you can tweet immunet on their own Twitter account.
  3. You made a great Job here Ritchie, you help a lot this community. Perhaps cisco doesn't have someone managing support of immunet. It seems when they have a free time they visit here to see what is going on.
  4. Valnat


    Hello Diego, Immunet protection improved a lot with the lastest updates. You can use it alone or with another antivirus if you wish. For a normal user Immunet can offer proper protection by itself. This is a video from a test some guy made using Immunet.
  5. Hi, sorry for asking in a old topic, I just wanted to know if Immunet uses the same engines and signatures of Cisco's AMP. Thanks and keep the good work.
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